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Our Mission: We are a marketing company with a venture fund. We invest in companies and give them the money to run their marketing. Investors get the exposure of an index fund with the upside of a world class marketing team.







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Web3 Focused Services

We are a Web3 Focused Growth Agency that understands every project is different. There are different audiences, rewards, and outcomes. We like different. We will work with you to identify your goals and tailor our approach to meet and exceed your expectations.

Specializing in what is known as ‘Middle of the Funnel’ growth, we will focus on using varying combinations of high-traffic social platforms, influencer outreach, and other partnerships and investments to make your project successful and profitable. The way we look at it is if you win, we all win – together.

Our Services

Social Media Management 

  • Twitter
  • Twitch 
  • Youtube 
  • Facebook
  • Instagram 
  • Snapchat 
  • TikTok 
  • LinkedIn


  • SEO optimization and global ranking
  • Quality content for syndication
  • Organic competitor research


  • Copywriting for PR
  • Syndication with major outlets 
  • Campaigns designed for mass reach

Paid Media 

  • Funnel Creation 
  • User Acquisition Campaigns 
  • Execution on all major ad platforms 

Thought Leadership 

  • Education campaigns introducing your project as a thought leader
  • Spaces / AMA’s for education

Project Management

  • Complete Virtual Chief Marketing Officer
  • Build and manage your overall marketing team
  • Develop and implement your go to market strategy

Building Long Term Organic Growth

Through the use of unique strategies developed from the years of experience of our team in this space, we will drive an increase of key indicators through the extensive and coordinated use of multiple community platforms:

  • Discord Growth and Engagement
  • Community Engagement
  • Twitter Growth
  • Telegram Growth
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High Quality Partnerships and Outreach

We will grow your community engagement through Ask-Me-Anythings (AMA) with key partners and through the strategic placement of podcasts. Combining with our fully developed social media strategy, we can engage with prominent influencers of all types to advance your project.

  • AMA placements
  • Streamer placements
  • Podcast placements
  • Partnership building

Content and Messaging

Our team of experienced writers will create written content and disseminate it to further champion your project. By publishing articles on your own Medium channel to increase subscribership and promote campaigns, or by drafting and circulating press releases and other pieces for larger publications, we can reach corners that may not be served as well by other methods.

  • Medium Articles
  • Media Releases
  • Promotions Communications Management

Advisory and Strategy Building

We will grow your  community’s engagement through Ask-Me-Anythings (AMA) with key partners and through the strategic placement of podcasts. Combining with our fully developed social media strategy, we can engage with prominent influencers of all types to advance your project.

  • Advisory with experienced and doxxed team
  • Investment opportunities
  • 90 day go to market strategies
  • Weekly marketing calls

Our Web3 Clients

Web3 Focus

Specializing in helping Web2 companies grow in Web3 


Experienced team with a track record of success

Early Adopter

Leading technology & marketing capabilities 


Direct partnerships with leading investment firms


Opportunity to invest while also marketing

Let's Get to Work...

1. Schedule

Book a time for us to sit down, virtually or in person, to review your roadmap and determine how we can help you with your project goals.

2. Proposal

Our experienced team will design a strategy that will help attract and retain productive community members using a combination of outreach, partnerships and social media methods.

3. Onboarding

You will receive access to our cutting-edge project management software and be assigned your own CSM, who along with our specialized team of outreach and social experts, will help guide your customized 90-day growth strategy on its path to success.

Web3 Marketing Questions

Learn more about Web3 marketing and how it differs from traditional digital marketing, as you may know already. In this section, you will explore how digital marketing contrasts with modern Web3 marketing and what are some of the critical features of Web3 commerce models.

Standard digital marketing activities focus on various digital touchpoints that aim to reach a target audience and trigger desired actions, for instance, clicking on a banner that leads to a sales page, signing up for a newsletter, or selling particular products available in the offer.

Web 2.0 marketing focuses on popular social media networks (e.g., Facebook, Instagram) and other prominent online platforms where marketers can reach a broad audience with display advertising and PPC campaigns. Search engine optimization is another vital technique to drive substantial results in the world wide web space. With the growing role of mobile apps, mobile marketing has gained importance in the past few years.

However, Web 2.0 marketing could be better. Even though digital marketing campaigns enable computers to process large amounts of data and leverage their algorithms to optimize e-marketing promotional activities (the programmatic role has been increasing swiftly), some flaws may badly impact the effectiveness of standard e-campaigns.

For example, content marketing firms may find it challenging to demonstrate the results of their actions, even months after the activities started. Facebook posts are no more as engaging as they used to be. In addition, the cost of some paid ads constantly increases; effectively, they have become less profitable than they used to be a few years ago.

At the same time, Web3 marketing utilizes new technologies to create lasting communication channels and deliver tangible results in a matter of weeks. It is one of the key reasons why modern crypto companies turn to Web3 agencies. Learn how web 3.0 marketing can revolutionize the Web3 industry.

In Web3, everything happens at a rapid pace. Some professionals claim that one year in the crypto industry is like ten years in traditional marketing.

A decentralized web provides varied opportunities, assures data transparency, grants freedom to access data, and countless unique methods to utilize the new web protocol. Social media sites are no longer the centerpiece of the online marketing universe. Community management becomes essential, and user-generated content is more critical than static website content. Moreover, users’ data security is the focal point of any activity. Web3 marketers take all these factors into account while planning Web3 campaigns.

The essential difference between Web3 and Web2 marketing is the time to succeed. prepares a 90-day growth strategy, and the clients can expect a tangible outcome in the first couple of weeks after starting the collaboration. Web3 marketing utilizes different promotion channels to help gain a competitive edge and meet a brand’s business goals.

You already know how Web2 and Web3 marketing differs. Are there any shared traits between these two forms of marketing?

In the Web2 area, influencer marketing is a commonly known tactic to reach broad audiences and share a persuasive message. This technique has its equivalent in the Web3 space. However, a crypto company usually focuses on more sophisticated activities, including AMA (Ask Me Anything) placements, podcast placements, and partnership building.

Content creation is still viable for blockchain projects. However, instead of focusing on popular Web2 platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest, Web3 emphasizes Twitter, Telegram, and Discord Growth, which has proven to be the most efficient for the Crypto industry.

Web3 marketing agency or crypto/blockchain agency’s primary focus is to deliver a sustainable solution that resonates with the needs of modern crypto brands. On the other hand, a Web 3.0 marketing agency focuses on working with crypto and blockchain brands. Therefore, it offers unique know-how, which would translate into tangible results of marketing activations.

The scope of work of crypto PR agencies (or: blockchain PR agencies) is similar to what crypto marketing agencies focus on. However, a blockchain PR agency puts more emphasis on communications strategy than other marketing activities. Crypto PR agency’s focal points are crypto platforms and blockchain technologies that resonate with your crypto brand.

Web3 is the name of a new iteration of the Internet. It is connected with the Internet and web protocol rather than with particular firms that operate on the market.

Web 3.0 is a decentralized network that improves the distribution of information, ownership rights, and aspects related to data privacy compared to the previous versions of the Internet.

Semantic web, artificial intelligence, NFTs, and metaverse are other concepts you will encounter when exploring the Web3 market. Please visit our blog to learn more about modern technologies in the Web3 space.

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