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As the Marketers of the Metaverse, has its finger on the pulse of the NFT market.

We know what’s current, what’s past, and most importantly, what is coming. We offer access to this insight – and the opportunity to invest – through our Mint Pass Collection.

Be among the select few to know when to purchase the hottest NFT’s before most even know they exist. Mint Pass

Mission Statement

Together, we want to create the best, gamified virtual experience that rewards YOU for discovering endless opportunities & projects you love.
There are four levels to the mint pass collection, with varying prices, availability and benefits:
Whale Pass
The Whale Pass costs 5 ETH and allows holders to buy in bulk at up to 50% off retails (for guilds, investors, or collectors – each investment is a min of $25,000)
VIP Pass
The VIP Pass will cost 1 ETH and provides holders with guaranteed access to every project
Membership Pass
At .1 ETH, the Membership Pass enables holders to participate in our whitelist giveaways and raffles
Public Pass
The free-to-mint Pubic Pass facilitates access to our community sections

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Common Mint Pass Questions Answered

A mint pass is a unique digital membership that allows you to access the best NFT projects, before other market participants even know they exist! As an NFT collector, you want to invest in top projects and save valuable art for yourself before it is available in the widespread exhibitions and on the showcase. With the support of Mint Pass, you will get that opportunity.

Our company offers four levels of access to the Mint Pass collection that respond to the needs of brand-new collectors, intermediary market participants, and seasoned investors who seek collaboration with prominent artists and want to spend their money on top-notch projects.

Mint Passes provide exclusive access to Web3 projects and unique insights that will help you make accurate decisions based on data not available to other market participants. Through the network of partner projects, can provide you with unique recommendations and endorse programs worth collaborating with. Our partners have a history of successful Web3 ventures, meaning that artwork owners will likely benefit from participation in the Mint Pass offering.

The benefits of Mint Pass depend on the level of access and are the following:

  • A holder of the free-to-mint Public Pass will get easy access to community sections. Ten thousand units of Public Passes are available.
  • A Membership Pass at the price of 0.1 ETH enables its holders to participate in whitelist giveaways and raffles. One thousand units are available.
  • A VIP Pass costs 1 ETH and will provide you with guaranteed access to every project partners with. The availability is one hundred units.
  • A Whale Pass costs 5 ETH and allows you to buy in bulk at up to 50% off the retail price, with this remark that the minimum investment is $25 000. Only 40 units of a Whale Pass are available.

Minting an NFT allows you to create unique NFT assets recorded on the blockchain. The essential advantage of an NFT mint is that the costs are reduced to a minimum. However, you may need help selling your NFTs and getting appropriate ROI.

Purchasing NFT, on the other hand, may help you get a solid return on investment if the price of NFT increases. It may be especially true for some popular NFT collections and when the market is upward.

No single answer is available as to whether it is better to mint or buy NFT. Much depends on your expectation, expertise, and market conditions.

With Mint Pass, you will notice drops that are worthy of your attention and will maximize your chances of a successful purchase.

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