The Blockchain Accelerator

You have an idea. will help you turn that idea into a reality. We will guide you as you confront and surpass the development obstacles that will undoubtedly occur. We specialize in what is known as ‘Middle of the Funnel’ growth and we will collaborate with you, bringing together our plan, our partners, and our wealth of experience.

We will focus on using varying combinations of high-traffic social platforms. We will use influencer outreach. We will use our partnerships and access to capital from some of the top investors in Web 3.0. We will use our resources to see that your project becomes a rewarding and prosperous endeavor for you and your community. “Let’s build your product together.”

What We Bring


Accomplished team with a track record of success

Advanced Technology

Leading the way using cutting-edge Web3 tools and marketing capabilities


Direct partnerships with leading investment firms


Opportunities for investment concurrent with marketing your project

What We Look For

  • Alpha products that solve a problem
  • Products with atleast one branded investor
  • Doxxed and verified team
  • Defined tokenomics models
  • Web2 to Web3 focused products

Common Web3 Accelerator Questions Answered

A blockchain accelerator or a Web3 accelerator (the terms can be used interchangeably) is a business venture/program or a specific project which targets companies that want to develop their initiatives but need tangible support to achieve their goals.

The most apparent product of blockchain accelerators is financial support which means providing funds required to develop initiatives in the Web3 space.
However, a Web3 acceleration program can be way beyond the obvious, which is financial support. That means access to an extensive network of potential partners, mentorship, and day-to-day backing in making crucial business decisions or crafting strategies to beat the competitors is what mature Web3 accelerators offer.

How does a blockchain accelerator differ from a standard Web 2.0 business accelerator? At its core, the dissimilarity isn’t that significant. The critical distinction is that the Web3 accelerator focuses on Web3 projects, while standard business accelerators emphasize Web 2.0. ventures.

While Web3 is still a relatively new term for many, the blockchain industry may revolutionize how people use the Internet. A decentralized read-write-own network is in the early stage of development. Therefore blockchain startup founders may ponder if they can take advantage of accelerator programs targeting their industry.

Venture capital firms primarily focus on Web 2.0 companies. However, it’s not because of the reason that each acceleration program is dedicated to startups that operate in Web 2.0 space.

According to our data, the Web3 market is currently less than 2% of the size of the Web2 market. We estimate about half a million established Web 2.0 brands worldwide, and not even 9,000 of them operate in the Web 3.0 space. That’s why one can get a false perception that digital assets owned by venture capital firms are solely dedicated to Web 2.0 companies.

Blockchain startups can get compelling support. Still, they must meet specific criteria, including a down-to-earth business plan, providing authentic products that solve real problems, and solid tokenomics backed by a doxxed team of market professionals.
As the blockchain ecosystem grows, blockchain accelerators will be better accessible, and funding will become more widespread. Yet, entrepreneurs whose companies deliver future innovation must be wary while looking for potential business partners. is a trusted associate with years of market expertise that may help skyrocket your blockchain development projects via funding and unique knowledge. Do not hesitate to contact us and get instant access to the world-class support of Web 3.0. market veterans.

Good Web3 startup incubators offer much more than funds to develop particular business activities.

A proven track record of working with Web3 projects, specific industry knowledge, access to a network of business experts that may result in future collaboration, and a team of well-selected professionals make prominent Web3 accelerators stand out. 

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